Hammaskeiju ja kadonnut hammas

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Hammaskeiju ja kadonnut hammas will be published in Finnish in November 2019.

The English version will be published later.

The book is published in Finnish in November 2019.

Nukkumatti and the Midnight Sun 

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In the summer of Lapland
the Sun does not set at all.  
It shines even in the night


The constant sunlight makes
Nukkumatti annoyed and worried.
There is so many people who can't sleep because of the Sun.


Nukkumatti seeks help from Mosquitos and Northern Lights. In the end he receives a gift from a very special man.

The book is published in English and Finnish in November 2018.

Nukkumatti and his friends


'Nukkumatti and his Friends' is an shortened adaptation of 'Nukkumatti and the Midnight Sun'. It is the perfect bedtime story for babies and toddlers: short, engaging and full of colourful illustrations.


Nukkumatti is feeling down, but his friends - Globeflowers, Snowy Owl and Northern Lights - cheer him up.

The book is published in English, Spanish and Finnish in November 2019.

NUKULUKU posters



The colourful NUKULUKU-posters measure 30 x 40 cm.

Let these three magical characters bring colour and joy to your kid's bedroom.

Artist: Carolina Morera

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