Have you met Nukkumatti?
You may think you haven't, but he has certainly met you.

He is the tiny, friendly elf that comes to people's bedsides in the evening
to magically help them fall asleep.


This story is about Nukkumatti, and the problem

he had one bright summer night.

Bedtime story Nukkumatti and the Midnight Sun

The book is available 

in Finnish and in English.

Hardcover, 44 pages, 28 x 21 cm.

Recommended to children between 

2-8 years and to all, who enjoy happy bedtime stories and beautiful illustrations.

Made in Lapland, Finland.

The book is available in the biggest online bookstores in Finland and in our own NUKULUKU shop.

What the readers say

Juha, dad

This is the favorite book of our little son. We have to read it to him every time he goes to bed. 

Anni, 12 years

The illustration is amazing and the story is perfect for bedtime.

Milo's mother

Beautiful illustration! My son loves especially
the cute dog with sunglasses.

The trailer of Nukkumatti and the Midnight Sun
Carolina's speed painting video

"This illustration was made in 6 hours using a Wacom Bamboo, after lots of doodles
on paper and tablet. :D

I have to say it was easy once I found my style.
It's my first experience illustrating a children's book but I enjoyed every single minute of it, my teammates gave me all the freedom, which helped me feel totally comfortable and as creative as I could be. And even though there are a lot of things to learn and improve yet, I feel proud of the result." 


– Carolina


Nukkumatti and the Midnight Sun is published 

in Finnish and in English in November 2018.

There is also an adaptation for babies and toddlers called 'Nukkumatti and his friends'. It is available also in Finnish and Spanish.

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