'Nukkumatti and his Friends' is an shortened adaptation of 'Nukkumatti and the Midnight Sun'. It is the perfect bedtime story for babies and toddlers: short, engaging and full of colourful illustrations.


Nukkumatti is feeling down, but his friends - Globeflowers, Snowy Owl and Northern Lights - cheer him up.

Story book for toddlers: Nukkumatti and his friends 

The book is available 

in Finnish, English and Spanish.

Stapled booklet, 16 pages, 21 x 15 cm.

Recommended to children between 

0-3 years.

The book comes with Nukkumatti and Snowy Owl paper dolls, height about 10 cm.

Made in Lapland, Finland.

The book is available in the biggest online bookstores in Finland and in our own NUKULUKU e-shop.

"Ihana katselukirja pienelle lapselle! Puolitoistavuotiaskin jaksaa kuunnella, kun aukeamalla on lyhyt teksti ja kiehtova kuva. Tarina on positiivinen ja kertoo ystävyydestä, pienenkin lapsen helppo tajuta."

Read to me

Papá is reading Nukkumatti book in Spanish to his son.


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