Finding the illustrator

Even tough I can draw a little I knew we needed much better illustrator for this project.

Because the story of Nukkumatti and the Midnight Sun has basic elements of Lappish nature, we thought it might be interesting for those who love Lapland. There are hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting Lapland every year. The international interest towards Lapland was growing fast too.

In Autumn 2017 I and Sanni visited in a library to study what kind of children's books there are nowadays. We looked for illustrations which pleased us. We noticed that we do not want anykind of folklore style or too traditional point of view. Nukkumatti must have fresh look and easy to adapt despite of the reader's own culture.

At the same time I had a strong feeling I will do this project on my own. I did not contact any publishers because the idea of the project has started to grow in my mind. There are a huge amount of writers who tries to have publishing contract and I was not interested in to join that queue.

One day Sanni remembered her friend Carolina. She had said to Sanni she would like to illustrate children stories some day. Carolina is from Colombia but she has lived years in Oulu. Right away we asked Carolina if she is interested in our project and asked her to draw her own idea of Nukkumatti.

The first picture of Nukkumatti by Carolina was beautiful. Her vision was like ours. The quality of the drawing was also great. The choice of the illustrator was crystal clear.

Now we had the core group of the Nukkumatti Project. Carolinas drawings lift the value of the story into a new level and we all were very excited.

We planned to publish a children's book but the amount of ideas and ambition grew during the project.


Read about NUKULUKU Project, how it started and how we managed to develop it.

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