Making of "nukuluku"

We have some great plans for the future, we needed a name for all of that. You might call it a brand or a trademark, but we are wary of using big words like that, we are not professionals yet. We just wanted a name to describe what we are doing.

We have a dream to publish books and products that are all about nature and culture of Lapland and that inspire families to spend time together reading enchanting stories.

Me and my daughter Sanni had a brainstorm in which we just threw words into the air. We have always liked to play with words and letters and meanings so it was real fun. Many of the ideas were absolutely genius, but only one was also useful. It is called NUKULUKU.

In Finnish, "nuku" refers to sleeping, and "luku" to reading. It also sounds fun and according to Google, unique, too.

I drew a couple of options for a physical logo and we picked up the red circle with simple white letters. We wanted the logo to tell of our location too; Lapland, Finland. It is our most important feature.

We planned to publish a children's book but the amount of ideas and ambition grew during the project.


Read about NUKULUKU Project, how it started and how we managed to develop it.

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