Our child is born!

The printing house delivered us a big pile of boxes full of our books. Nukkumatti and the Midnight Sun was finally born!

Opening the boxes and seeing your “child” for the first time was breathtaking. This is really happening! We have made a book! We are authors! Me, my daughter and our friend Carolina. Even though we had been planning this for the better part of a whole year, the feeling was amazing.

The book was beautiful, colorful and premium quality. It felt good in our hands. Carolina’s illustrations looked even better on a real book's pages than on a screen. We couldn’t be happier!

A few days later we arranged a small party for our family and friends to celebrate this achievement. Some of them had not heard a thing about our project and some of them were already tired of hearing about it. But we couldn't help it, we are just so proud of it!

We planned to publish a children's book but the amount of ideas and ambition grew during the project.


Read about NUKULUKU Project, how it started and how we managed to develop it.

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