How much is enough?

Nukkumatti and the Midnight Sun came from the printing house a couple of weeks ago and now the Finnish language copies are sold out! I am frustrated because people ask to buy it as a Christmas present and all we can give are our empty hands. We should have ordered more of them but we did not have a clue of how much would have been enough!

The book is for sale in every big book webstore in Finland, like Adlibris and Several Finnish libraries have ordered it, too. And of course many of our friends and family members purchased it to show us their support. I hope they got joy out of reading the book, too.

It is a financial risk to order more books, but I was up for it. You can't pretend to be a publisher if you don't have any books to sell.. And our team believes in Nukuluku and our story so I am sure we will sell out the second edition as well. It just means lots of marketing and contacting new retailers.

From the start it was obvious that we would publish the story also in English and later in other languages, such as Chinese and Spanish. We found great retailers here in Rovaniemi, like Korundi and Arktikum who wanted to sell our book in their shops. As you might know, Rovaniemi is a quite popular tourist attraction especially in wintertime. Now we will see if Nukkumatti finds his way around the world in their luggage.

We planned to publish a children's book but the amount of ideas and ambition grew during the project.


Read about NUKULUKU Project, how it started and how we managed to develop it.

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