Outlining the script

Writing together with your daughter is inspiring and fun. We throw ideas into the air and choose the best ones and try them out in the text. I'll write the first version, Sanni will criticise it and I'll criticise Sanni for her harsh criticism and together we edit the text. This is repeated until we feel that the story is no longer improving.

We have been outlining the new NUKULUKU story, the Hammaskeiju and the Lost Tooth, for about six months now. The idea of the tooth fairy Hammaskeiju was born already at the time of writing the last book, so the story has been brewing for a long time. But while the story is clear and straightforward at its own end, getting it on the paper so that readers can grab it has taken effort.

In June, I attended a writing course in Sodankylä and worked on the manuscript there. I got lots of good tips and suggestions from other classmates and my teacher, author Katja Törmänen on how to improve the text. The course lasted a week and it was great to be able to focus on my own and other students' texts and forget about all the other things that interfere with writing.

Warm thanks also need to be sent to Nuoren Voiman Liitto literary review service. It felt great to read the comments, praises and development ideas of a professional in the field. Here’s a rough translation of an excerpt from the review:

“This story laudably avoids black and white settings and underlining its moral lesson. The story is genuinely cheerful and tolerant, but not overly correct. The best part is the insightful humour of the text, including tooth fairy’s cursing, Snowy Owl eating breakfast at night, or comparing a lost tooth to a lost sock in a washing machine. The dialogue is fluid, easy-going and full of humour.”

The text is now almost ready. We read it with a few more experienced test readers and then it is time to hand the text over to the illustrator.

We planned to publish a children's book but the amount of ideas and ambition grew during the project.


Read about NUKULUKU Project, how it started and how we managed to develop it.

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